Feeds and speeds and depth in detail passes

Help. Newbie here. I’m trying to run very small fine detail passes, and running into 4 and 5 hour times.

I am using multiple stages.

I want to use a 30 degree Vbit, .001 tip, 1/8 shank.

My depth of cut is where I run into problems. I’ve used the roughing pass already, but it cannot dog down in the fine areas because the bit is too large in diameter.

What settings for feed, depth, plunge can I use and how fast can I actually go? When I ramp up the feed to 100 or more, it gets stuck and just goes around inside one small circle in the design… again and again and again. When I slow it down it says it will take 7 hours.

With the design calling for it to be carved at .003 depth and the depth of cut at .003, it says 4 hours.

What am I missing or doing wrong when it comes to detailed passes with fine pointed bits?

Thanks for the help.

can you share the project?