Festool vac attachment

Finally some good vacuum suction. The Festool vac end of hose fits perfect over 3/4" PVC. This is built from some acrylic I had laying around.A length of Loc-Line 3/4" parts and a 3/4" inch PVC elbow. I cut the acrylic from a sketchup model I made and used a .0632 bit. I tried to fix the speeds and feeds but it still gummed up the bit.

IMG_2165.MOV (798.9 KB)Video sucking up MDF and it was super clean after

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Great idea. I like it!


That sucks! :smiling_imp:

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I think it works very well. I kept it at 3/4" and only 1 line with no wye in line with it. I found that with the wye it lost a bit of suction. Keeping the loc line short and little bends helped. I also have the wide 3" nozzle and have yet to really try this, as the narrow nozzle works like a charm.

I had to trade my locline in for a real dust show when I started using a 1/4" bit - wood went everywhere.