Few helpful tools that assist my XC1000

I’ve had my XC for almost a year and I would consider my self pretty good at getting my ideas on wood.

For software I tend to design everything on Sketch-up and transfer to V-carve. If you don’t have V-carve a solution is to still design on Sketch-up, save as an SVG and send to Makercam then Easle.

Wasteboards are kinda a pain to replace so I try to save mine with green foam insulation that is super cheap and can be bought at any home improvement store.

Double sided tape is a must have and the easy route is to buy carpet tape but there are better tapes out there. I use double sided masking tape.

There are some pricey tools that are also helpful and one thing I am glad I got is my wood planer. This allows me to buy bulk wood, or grab scrap and make it exactly the thickness I need.

Dust is another gremlin and shop vacs help but they are loud and I don’t like the idea of running them for hours on long projects so I use a dedicated dust collector. I have other wood working tools like lathes, bandsaws, table saws… So I use this for everything but I know it can run all day if I needed it to.

Just a few things I like.

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Great info Aaron.

I’m curious. How thin can you plane with that planer? Can you plane as thin as 1/8" or at least 0.150" of remaining thickness?


It has a 1/8 setting but the thinnest I have planed is 1/4. I can try tomorrow on some scrap walnut to see what happens but I’m sure it can.

It can. I have that exact same planer, upgraded to a Byrd Shelix cutterhead (worth every dime, incidentally) and it’s a real winner! I’ve gone down to 1/8", and it handles it just fine. Combined with a good band saw to resaw stock, there’s VERY little you can’t make from rough!

I have the makita one and I used it to plane a 4mm board for my slingshot the other day. so I’m fairly certain 1/8" is perfectly doable, and it would surprise me if dewalt didn’t at least match that.

Dewalt DW735

Thanks for the info guys. I’m going to have to get myself one of those Dewalt planers then :).


As far as I can tell, they’re the best planer on the market that’s not a big three-phase floorstanding unit. Particularly when upgraded with the Shelix!

+1 on the Shelix!!!

I have the same planer, and with material attached to a backer board, I have planed hardwoods to .125". Could probably go thinner. The Dewalt DW735 is a great planer!

Yep, my table will not fold up like front does either. Nature of the beast. I just put a bungee cord around it to stay up as far as it will go.

I have no idea, I’ve never actually used the feed tables on mine!