Fidget Centering

Perhaps this has been addressed, but I am trying to figure out why the Fidget App does not center when I zero it.

@DaleBrown welcome to the community!

Are you trying something like this?

Brandon look closely your method is not centered either.
That is one of the problems with easel it uses the bounding box center items. As I recall stars do not get centered well either.

@MarkA.Bachman This is a more complicated problem than it may seem. Ideally, one would be able to select centerpoints of individual polygons or ellipses to use as a reference, but that would be a huge change. You should probably move to a full CAD program at that point (think AutoCAD, Fusion, or Solidworks).
There are many ways to define the “center” of a triangle. In the case of stars, it probably depends on the design. Either way, I think bounding boxes are more of a design standard than a bounding circumcircle. This especially makes sense when you’re trying to fit a design to rectangular stock.

Not a problem for me, just pointing out that Brandon’s directions did not center the object as he intended.

Moved away from Easel design about 3 month in. Switched to Vectric.
Shortly after that I moved to another sender as well.

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