Fidget spinner anodize test

Decided to gather materials and try out some anodizing on a aluminum spinner i made. It turned out ok for a first try but i now know the corrective measures i need to take to do it better next time around


Looks great love the shape

Thanks. Doing the durability test now. Pocket full of keys and loose change for a week.

How much did the materials cost? I’ve been meaning to do some anodizing on a camera slider I’m making

Spent about $8-10 at the store and a free car battery for the acid
Please wear proper gear when handling these materials. and have plenty of neutralizer and fresh water on hand

list of items most already had
sulfuric acid
distilled water
plastic bowls
power supply (battery charger)
rit fabric dye
oven cleaner
cleaning brushes
hot plate
pan to heat liquids
aluminum wire
lead/aluminum/ or carbon cathode

Yikes Shane - don’t sit down too fast!