File Contains Invalid Gcode Syntax - Vcarve Pro

I’m using Vcarve Pro made a very simple sign with a Vcarve border and some text.

When I try to upload the gcode into Easel I get an error saying “File Contains Invalid Gcode Syntax” “You must use one of our official post processors in order to import external gcode”

In Vcarve the post processor is set to X-Carve (inch) (*gcode) when I save the toolpath.

Im running Vcarve Pro 10.503

Not sure what the problem is and would love some help.

I just tried opening any any gcode ive made since updating Vcarve Pro, and every one of them gives me that error. Older gcodes ive made before the update seem fine.

Not sure if this is an Easel issue or Vcarve

I figured it out!!!

Had to download the vectric-easel.pp file and put it in the PostP folder in Vcarve. Dont know why, ive been using the “x-carve (inch) (*gcode)” Post Production option for months without issue. But now theres an Easel option in Post production so I used that and it loaded without problems.

It sounds like vectric jacked up some post processors in 10.5
I’ve seen issues reported elsewhere.

Part of the problem with the new 10.5 versions is the Post Processor has the T1 command and as I understand it GRBL does not use this or like it. I’m still having issues with Aspire 10.5 and in the interim think I’ll continue to use version 10. Hopefully Vectric will get some bugs out.

When I try to download the vectric-easel.pp file I get an error saying “This file does not have and app associated with it for performing this action.” I was able to download the x-carve post processor in V9.5 and had no problems. Any assistance would be appreciated. Thanks.