File Export button

Make the export gcode feature more accessible by putting button on main screen near your files. Makes it easier to save our projects on hard drive


Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll see that our developers are notified about this feedback.

While we can’t promise that this revision will make its way into Easel’s platform in the future, we appreciate you sharing your experience with us. We try optimizing Easel’s tools for all makers and enjoy knowing what users are doing with the program. Thanks again for sharing!

It would also be nice, even if it is a setting you have to check under advance settings, to be able to export the GCode after pressing the simulate button without having to resimulate, which takes a long time on large projects.

Thanks for your constructive feedback, @Rcannon95 and @MikeKaplan.

As a follow-up, would you mind if I ask why you’re exporting gcode files to your hard drive from Easel? I’m assuming it’s because you’re using a different sender to communicate with your machine, but I could be wrong. Our Devs are interested in users’ end goals with the exported content so they can better understand what changes could be made.

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I do it mostly because I have several very detailed sign designs that take forever to simulate and I am not comfortable with my browser freezing during GCode generation while my router is running getting ready to carve. I still use easel to send the GCode.

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@Rcannon95 @PhilJohnson Thanks for the input! I’ll make sure our Developers see this. It definitely helps clarify things from a usability standpoint.

Thanks again!

I can relate to you on this. We’ve been working on Easel project storage infrastructure for some time, as I’m pretty sure file organization is a universal struggle for all Easel users. Thanks for the input!

As others have said, I prefer to keep all my files done in Easel on a drive along with my vcarve files. I am a teacher and can easily import a file onto a student username as well making sharing so much easier. Also by exporting the student created files I have a way of checking them for any anomalies. One last thing is that we use a dedicated laptop on our cnc so students are able to easily plug in their files. Thanks for asking.

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Has any more thought been given to making the file export button more accessible?