File storage

Is there a way to store previous run files in a folder to clean up my project file?
Basically we would like to keep designs for a period of time, just in case a customer comes back and says, hey can we get another!

We currently don’t have a file structure inside of Easel but it is in active development!

Workaround… Create a project, and name it whatever you want. In this example, I follow a Guitar thread, where makers are sharing their projects, which you can open and actually carve a guitar piece. At some point, I would like to try a guitar. There are so many shares of these shared projects, if I saved all of them, I would have a ton. In the project called “Guitar” I create a new workpiece (I think it is unlimited as to how many workpieces you can have within a project), copy and paste into a new workpiece within the Guitar project. If you want, you can add notes to each workpiece to distinguish what it is you are saving. I have done this for flags, and cutting boards as well. This avoids having 100 of the same type of project, since there are no folder options.

Works for me.

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