File transfer

how to you transfer solid works file to Easel file Help? please

It’s a little tricky but here’s how i do it.

  • You need to save your file as a dwg or dfx extension from solidworks.
  • Open that file in a program like Coreldraw (that’s what I use anyway, but there are many others)
  • Then save that file as a .SVG file
  • You can then import the .svg file to Easel


Or forgo all of that and get the HSMXpress CAM addin (free for 2.5D) for Solidworks. Pretty much the same CAM as Fusion 360 (it’s also from AutoDesk) and you still get to use your Solidworks rather than have to import into or recreate everything in Fusion.

HSMXpress gives you control over the path strategies, climb/conventional milling, tool library, and much more. Best part is, if you update the model, all you have to do is have it update the tool paths and export your new gcode.

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Well if you want to do things the easy way :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: