Fillet edges in easel

Is there a way to bevel/fillet the edges in easel. My design is relatively simple and have worked out everything except that. Hoping there is a way in easel to do it so I dont have to learn F360 right now (can do the model, but the cam part of F360 is a little more complex then I want to tackle).

Depending on the end goal, you could run a profile path with a v-bit for a chamfered edge and you could use a roundover bit for the fillet.

guess that might be easier just to pull the router out and do it by hand at that point

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not necessarily. A profile cut with an appropriate depth isn’t that advanced.

but on the other hand it is good you think outside the box. Some of us tend to forget there exist tools outside of our cnc :see_no_evil:


I found it probably faster, and no need to guess feeds and speeds when just busting out the router with round over bit. haha