Filling gouged wasteboard

As many of you have done I am sure, I too have carved some pretty deep gouges in my wasteboard. I would like to repair them by filling the gouges with something. Anyone have any suggestions??

Normally I just resurface the wasteboard when it get too many cuts in it. But I guess if you really want to try and fill the cuts you could use a product like bondo to do it. You would still need to do a skim cut after you filled it to be sure it is level and flat.

When I need to fill in a spot i mix up some epoxy and saw dust to fill the hole. Then use the spindle to mill it flat.

I agree with Allen, Bondo works pretty good. I’ve also used Durham’s water putty. Ever since I used it to seal the gaps in my pool table slate I’ve used it on many other items as well…even MDF. Don’t let the name fool you, once you get it mixed up to the right consistency it doesn’t cause swelling in MDF but also as Allen indicated, you may want to skim it as well.

What bit is best for skim cutting?

Any wide bit will work. A 1" planing bit like this works tremendously well.

Just make sure your machine is fully trammed, or else you’ll end up with ridges.

The can of Bondo will cost more a new sheet of MDF.


Yeah the waste board aka spiilboard is a consumable just like your bits

I would resurface it and if that does not work then replace it

Inventables has all the design files for the hole pattern


I am a furniture maker/ sculptor and have been using this as of late to fill dents, dings, and large holes in pieces I repair. I have tried everything from West System epoxy mixed with sawdust and cabosil to sawdust+yellow glue and everything in between. I have to say that I am impressed with this product. It goes on really thick and takes a bit to dry, though you can accelerate the process with a heater. It also takes paint nicely when sealed with a shellac sealcoat cut with 40% alcohol.

Checkout this waste board repairs


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I like this guy’s approach!

yeah I am not sure why you would do that either I mean just replace the top surface

lol I made a mistake on my big machine and cut oh about 1 " deep into my 1.5" spoil board

I made a grove thats so deep you cant surface it to fix it but if you surface over and around it the spoil-board is just fine

curious stuff here maybe I am missing something on why he had to do that?

of course on my big machine repairs like that may make sense if there way metal stuck in the board as my spoilboard takes a couple hours to fully replace

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I think the poor fellow ran out of projects and just needed something to do.

What really mystifies me is why he would go to the trouble of finding the center of the rectangle and setting his zero point to the center. He already had the lower left corner marked. Obviously he is just making work for himself at this point.

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well he needed to find the center of that rectangle so he could place another piece of scrap in right?

I was wondering lol why not radius the corners so he didnt have to go back and sqaure the corners lol

jeez we are really picking this guy apart!

to each is own lol