Finally a finishes project that worked out perfectly as imagined

This is my latest project. I started with a line drawing I got from Google.

I brought it into Aspire and all in with programming and cutting it took about 6 hours.

everything came out exactly as I’d hoped. i still need to adjust some feed rates and plunge rates and that will shorten the cutting time however I’m pretty happy with how it all turned out.


That is super cool. Really nice job. What finish are you going to put on it?

Yea, I need a bigger machine just for this. :smile:

I’d be happy to send you the aspire file if you use that.

As far as the finish goes I’m going to primer it, then of course the usual black and yellow followed by a few coats of clear lacquer. It’s just MDF so I’m not concerned with showing the wood on this one.

With your sized bed, you can make a Batman surfboard! Now that would be a huge seller on the island!!!

That looks really great! What kind of bit did you use?

As long as your offering, I’d love to grab the aspire file! I’d love to delve into 3D cutting sooner than later :wink:

I challenge you to a duel, bruce!


Nice. give some details on the job. I really like it. what software, bits, speeds etc.

Really nice 3D shape!

Sure, here you go

i cut this using two gcode files.

I combined the roughout and the cutout tool paths in one job since they use the same bit.

then I ran the finish job last.

Batman logo_3.crv3d (4.5 MB)

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I honestly don’t remember exactly since I did this probably a year ago.
But both passes must have been 3mm endmills.

The stl I got here:

Feeds & speeds I can’t recall but for smooth finishes i always use 5% stepover. It takes a bit longer, but hardly needs sanding afterwards, if any. I didn’t sand this afterwards. Note that since then I squared my machine and leveled the Z-axis so that is why my flats weren’t completely … well… flat…


Batman is just a rich kid with cool gizmo’s. Superman has X-ray eyes. I know who wins in my book :slight_smile:

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I pulled a man out of a mini-van once. can be super hero?

are you jamie foxx?

Batman only wins that one if he shows up with Kryptonite. Green Kryptonite. Not that hokey red stuff.

The top slides off to be a bank or storage area.

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nice, batman’s logo is finished ?

Thanks for the file @GlennCoates …I cut one today!