Finally Complete!

Started this project in Aug of 2014.

Started as a 500x500 Shapeoko 2 - upgraded with ACME screw Z-axis.
Upgraded to 1000x1000 X-Carve 2015
Purchased X-Controller in 2018
Made workstation and custom waste board in 2019
Finally made my first cut in 12/2020.

Now I have 6 years of projects to catch up on.


Looks great! Can’t wait to see what your machine looks like in 2030!

If I would have known this was this much work I would not have ordered this machine. After 5 days I’m almost done and hope it works. The instructions are not very clear. A photo of what the part looks like would help and maybe identifying parts more accurate.

Granted - I have not built the Xcarve but there is a rather comprehensive UserManual found below:
Did you use this resource?

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I think your instructions are even more complicated. Mine don’t have that many electrical connections. Thanks though, I think I am ready to calibrate.

I am guessing you didn’t use the assembly instructions. Only one photo didn’t help me when I went to assemble the machine. It was only the contrast of that particular photo that caused me to scratch my head. I think the instructions are excellent and better than most you’ll find on DIY kits.

I did use the instructions but they’re still a little complicated. Glad I have 30 day guarantee.