Finally Done ! But Now?

Okay guys, I’ve finished my X carve assembly and I want to personally Thank You all, for all of the information on the forum. I was going to have my friends assist me with the build, but following one’s advice that if they put it together I wouldn’t understand any of it, my month-long assembly process finally came to an end last weekend.
Halfway through the build I was very pissed and discouraged that I didn’t let my friends just put it together for me, but in the end I understand what my friend was saying. And now I am completely in awe of what I’ve accomplished and I understand the machine so much more than if they would have put it together.
During initial easel set up, a couple of my axis ran backwards, destroying my y-axis. I called and reported this to an inventables staff member and they were fast to send me the replacement parts free of charge. Their help staff is so awesome.
I’ve already done a few carvings using easel. But since I purchased the V Carve Pro program, I’m ready to set it up for carving. I’ve been looking through the forums trying to find a complete “walk-through” for setting up and using the software. I’ve downloaded UGS also. I’m a disabled vet and complete newbie to any of this CNC stuff. My lack of computer knowledge prohibits me from fully understanding the bits and pieces written in certain posts concerning this. I was wondering if anybody had a step-by-step video on setting up V Carve 9.0 so it will run the X carve?
Thank you guys in advance, Sam:smile:


OK, thanks. So I just save my work in v carve and then export to easel?