Finally found a use for those projects that didn't quite work out

Found a great use for some of my less inspiring pieces. Amazing how well spoked plywood clock gears work as kindling…


Is this recycling or merely destroying the evidence? :smile:

Suspect it’s more of the latter. I do however have really nice firewood.

I screw my mess-ups to the front of my x-carve bench. Making a collage of cock-ups

Every piece of wood in my shop has an eventual purpose, as a project component, a shop jig, or as a heat source.

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Yep I have a big box of the weirdest firewood ever :wink:
I mention this to a friend and they were like “Noooooo! Give it too me, it can be fixed!”
This amused me because if they wanted something I would just run them a good carve.

But to someone who has not seen what a CNC can do, even the rejects are pretty impressive.

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Of course this leads to the temptation to make a carve project specifically to be burned :wink:
“Custom Firewood” :laughing:

Like this joke video:


I tend to run practice pieces in less desirable wood as a proof of file sort of thing.

If they look passable, I work it into a keepsake box or other some such thing and use it as a give away item.


I sure hope Smoke & Fire are using organic woods…

I don’t think you want to be burning plywood or mdf. You’re not burning wood, you’re burning a pile of wood and large pile of unknown solvent/glue/whatever nastiness.

The items above were pine, jarrah and oak. I’d have to be really really bad to burn enough ply to be a problem…

I try to avoid putting plywood into the wood stove but absolutely no mdf or treated materials go in there.