Finally got my x-carve running

Doing the happy dance I am up and running, oh and first thing I did when homing was drive a 1/16 bit down into my waste board by moving the z down.625 instead of.0625 won’t forget to double check my movements again. First cut worked great now to get my triquetra working I couldn’t get ugs or pics ender to recognize my machine, do I need to load a new grbl to be able to do that and if I do do that will it not work with easel? Any suggestions appreciated!


Thanks guys, I had the right computer port because it was connecting but my baud rate was the 96000.

I have the loctight but was waiting to put it on until I knew it was working properly in case I needed to adjust something. I will be going through screw by screw and applying it now that I know it is working :slight_smile:

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