Finally got the X-Carve running!

I was finally able to get the X-Carve up and running last weekend. I had struggled with one machine for a long time, sent it back and gave it second chance. Still had a few issues, but with the help of replacing a couple items and the assistance of the people in this community, I was able to make my first test project. Just used a bunch of scraps left over. It’s sloppy, but I don’t care, it was a success that makes me want to jump in and really have a go at it.

Thanks everyone that helped me out.

Oh, here’s the project…

I made an outline so I knew placement of the scraps and didn’t waste as much vs. covering the whole board.

Scraps overlaid

On the table…

X-carve did it’s job…

Flush trim router bit took care of everything else (after using the bandsaw to cut away all the excess material)…

And of course sand and apply finish…


Thanks. They were just strips from other projects, but I figured so many different woods would look good. I’m already starting another on with the same concept, but I’ll be using cut-offs from my pen making. So they’re all squares. And i’ll be using wood, acrylic, deer antler, alligator jaw bone, hybrid materials, etc. Should be interesting to see the outcome of this next one.

I’m going to need a LOT more pieces to fill this up. It’s 32" x 32".

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Good idea, I’ll need to look into the other threads about those.

I can’t wait to see how this one turns out! Those are some really interesting leftover pieces. Keep us posted!

Oh I will. Going to be cutting up some more this weekend.

Should have been mailing to me this whole time. Shame on you, sir

Very cool. Congrats on getting your machine up and running!

Took me a while to get back to this project. Mainly because I refused to buy anything for it and used only scraps form other projects, specifically pen making. Looks like the other images were taken down, so i’ll repost them along with what was done last night. All that’s left is some sanding and sealing.

Did the outline to know how many pieces i’d need, didn’t want to use up more than i had to

this was nowhere near enough

FINALLY got all the pieces done

MIlled everything down to about the same level, mixing the resin to seal it all and fill in the gaps

I went with a deep copper mica powder. made the whole thing look like it was almost stained glass.

Flooded the whole thing

RE-milling to get rid of the excess resin

Profile cut and trimmed down. notice the gaps filled with the resin to make it one solid piece.

So, all that’s left is sanding and sealing, then hang it up. The backing is just 1/4" plywood. Overall size is about 30" wide X 29" tall.


And done. Just need to hang it. Best part of any woodworking project is that first coat of poly. Makes everything pop. Any questions on the scraps I used, just ask. I know all of them and can probably show you the pen I made from it. Some crazy mixtures of embedded material in there, too.




Thank you, good sir.