Finally turning it in to a beast

Ordered the upgrades about a month or so ago and just now getting to putting everything on. 2” triqutra lift, 9mm belts/pulleys, 270oz steppers, and 8” linear Z. Just need to finish wiring and get it set up and calibrated now.


I’m a little aroused right now (pls no ban).

Is that 270 going to clear your X-Controller, or are you going to have to cut the rear shaft?


Dope, n/m, I see in your last picture that the risers put it over anyway.

would you have had to cut?

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Not sure honestly. It would be VERY close if I didn’t have to cut the rear shaft. Look up Danner’s build, he has the same steppers and his is clear but just barely I think. Can’t remember if he had to trim some though.