Find feed rate

How do I find the feeding rate if the aesle program warns that the feeding rate has not been tested by the data?

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I’m not sure i understand the question so I prepared 2 answers:

How to know what settings to use:
You’d want to learn the capabilites of your cnc and test to determine optimal feed rates to use in different materials.
There are chipload calculators on the web you can use, but if your cnc cannot achieve those due to rigidity and build quality then those won’t help too much.

Where to input them in Easel:
At the top right under “cut settings” is where the feex rate would be entered, you’d need to set it to “manual” to enter custom settings.

All that matters is that I work on MDF wood, and I also have expensive cutting blades, and I am afraid of damage
I get a message that the settings are not tested, as in the picture
The settings were changed randomly but I am still afraid of damage and wasted time
If there are countries or programs that can help me, please let me know. Thank you

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