Finding correct Bit width setting

Hi everybody,

I’m learning to use XCarve with Easel. I already made a couple of projects and I’m mostly happy with the results. However, for a recent project I need precise cutting results and I’m struggling to find the right settings.

The following illustrations overlay an Easel project on a photo of the resulting cuts for various bit width settings (5mm, 5.6mm, 7mm). The original bit is supposed to have a width of 6mm. The measured width of a single cut is roughly 5.6mm.

With the intended 6mm width setting…

  • pockets are consistently smaller by roughly 0.9mm (96%).
  • outline cuts are also consistently smaller (90% … 98%)
  • The overall design seems to be correctly scaled (scaling of 99% is probably caused by distortion of the iPhone lense.

Decreasing the width setting (5mm) decreases the offset for pockets but increases the error of outline cuts.
Increasing the width setting (7mm) increases the error for pockets buts decreases the error for outline cuts.
So far I haven’t been able to find a setting that combines precise pockets with precise outline cuts.


  • What is the correct width setting (6mm bit or 5.6mm measured cut width)?
  • How can I calibrate easel to have a correct size for pockets and outline cuts?

Here is my illustration in Figma: Figma
The Figma project: Easel - Untitled

Any hints or suggestions are welcome,
Thank you!

Have you checked vwheel and belt tension? (Tram can also cause variances in dimensions sometimes too, so check that after the others. )
Shown here:

If those are good, then I’d move on to calibration of movement… heres how

When the above are set properly. Then the variance will be greatly reduced and the machine will operate well within the advertised tolerances…

@SethCNC thanks! I checked the belt tension and I believe it’s okay.
The calibration video is a great tip and it looks pretty straight forward. I believe I can work with that.

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