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Finding Objects in Design Library

If I type a word in the search box of the design library (like “Mountain”) it only shows me about 1 page of results. But if I go to one of the topical links (like “Nature”) there are clearly MANY MORE elements that are mountains.

Scrolling endlessly through a LONG list like Nature is very difficult, because if you select a design to see what it looks like and don’t like it, then it takes you 5 minutes to scroll back to where you were again.

(1) Is there some way to see ALL the search results?

(2) Is there just not meta-data for all the design entries?

(3) is there some way to tag designs you like/want to find again (a personal library)?

– Shane

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Are you using Easel Pro. I just did a search for “mountains” and came up with 73 pages. Not all were actual mountains, there were bears, chairlifts, tress ect. But mostly mountains.

Yes; it shows the Pro icon in the upper left corner.

I also tried it in both Safari and Firefox on the Mac; same result in both of them – I only get one page of results, and it certainly isn’t all of the ones I can see if I just browse through the pre-ordained categories. :frowning:

Hi Shane,

I’m sorry you’re having trouble with the pro design library. When you search for “mountain” you should see many, many results by as you scroll down. I’m also using Firefox on Mac and I am not able to recreate your problem. I made a screen recording of what I see:


Would it be possible for you to make a screen recording of the problem and/or open your javascript console and share a screenshot of any red error messages that appear?


Hi Jeff –
I’ve done a screen capture and attach it here. This is in Safari (14.0.3). Interestingly, as you can see in the movie, I get the bad behavior when I simply open the design library. But if I open the Javascript console, the design library WORKS while the console is open! If I close the console, it goes back to the bad behavior! Whaaaaaat? Ghosts in the machine…

I can’t seem to get the file small enough to embed it here, so here is a link to the full rez movie on my Drive:

Any idea or help is appreciated!
Clear skies,
– Shane

Hi Shane,

Thanks so much for taking the time to send the screen recording. It appears the problem is related to the height of your window. If the window height is greater than around 1250px, then the scrolling breaks. What is happening when you open the javascript console is that it is effectively making your Easel window shorter than 1250px in height.

I will open an issue in our ticketing system and we will work on fixing this.

Awesome – that is very helpful, thank you Jeff!

Stupid big monitors! :smiley:

Back to carving.
Clear skies,
– Shane