Finding X and Y in Easel

Not sure if this was asked before.

After you home the machine and you move the router to where you want to start is there a way in easel to note where X is and where Y is on the XCarve, so that if anything where to happen you could move the router back to that position and resume. For example if a carve fails and the machine doesnt return to the starting point or if changing out a bit and you accidentally move the router. It would be nice to know exactly where your starting point was.

Thanks for any help

When a homing cycle have been performed and a home position (work zero) have been confirmed this is permanently stored untill you confirm a new home position.

So if you carve once and the next day want to carve a 2nd the CNC will start at the same work zero position after a new homing cycle provided you click “Use previous home position” instead of “Confirm home position”

This assumes the tool havent been changed relative to Z. Otherwise a re-zero for Z is required. X/Y isnt affected by this.

Ok I get what your saying but what I want to know is there somewhere in easel I can physically see the X and Y and write it down incase of a mishap so I can reposition the router to the exact location that I started

Open Machine inspector window (CTRL+SHIFT+D on PC or CMD+Shift+D on Mac), the machine and work coordinates will show there :slight_smile:

If you have performed a homing cycle, the start point / work zero is already stored from previous carve and repositioning is already secured.

How would you input the coordinates once you have them so that to move the spindle to that same spot?

In the Carve popup in the op right you have the ability to type any distance to move by, you can type in the desired amount to move in X OR Y there, then move in that direction… then repeat for the other axis…

Yes that’s if I need to move it a specific distance but as shared above if I got the exact coordinates like x-111.89, y-88.46 is there somewhere I can type that in so it moves to that exact position after homing the machine

You could type 111.89 and click the move X arrow towards the right direction and then repeat for Y…

I don’t usually tell people how to do it this way because it’s quite easy to mess stuff up…
But you could open Machine inspector and in the console (top leftish area) you’d have to Type:
G0 X-111.89 Y-88.46
and hit enter.

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Yes that’s what I was asking for the machine inspector ability/command functions … I set up a corner jig and I’m doing multiple cuts of the same exact plaque I opened machine inspector once I found my xy start point using the jig and wrote the machine coordinates and work coordinates down … after homing the machine I wanted to be able to type in the xy so that it jogs to the exact point I need it to be using the jig … I’m new to g code so wasn’t sure how to tell the machine to do it

Ohhh in that case,… move the bit into place (your coordinates) (and leave plenty of Z clearance) and then send the command G28.1 in that console section

Now you can move the spindle elsewhere and then type the command G28 and send just that code and your spindle will move back… no long number sequence to type in every time…
So once the G28.1 is saved you do this at the start of your day:
Open Machine Inspector (HotKey: Ctrl+Shift+D)
then send command $H (home)
Then send command G28 (move to saved Jig location #1)

And you can repeat this to save one more jig location just substitute 30 where I wrote 28 before…IF you needed to save a 2nd location at the same time…
These are saved onto the CNC itself, so if you change computers or have a windows update… they are still saved :slight_smile:

Yes exactly thank you so much … you said start of the day. So does this mean when I turn off the machine or cut the power I have to G28.1 again once I have the spindle where I want it? Or if the next day or a new power up can I still just G28 and it will
Memorize where I said it last to line back up to the jig (if the jig is never moved) ? Thank you in advance your a huge help I have been googling and YouTubing all day

Nope, see next answer

Yep… the coordinate location that the machine was at when g28.1 was set is saved onto the CNC itself, and is retained until you save over is with a new g28.1 location.

Thank you again definitely saved me future headaches

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