Fine detail

What is everyone using in their machine or in settings to carve images that have a good amount of small detail? I am currently using a 30 degree v-bit, and tried to slow the machine down, but the carve still comes out terrible. My depth is set to .28 and I still can’t get it to come out liking food. Any helpful hints??

Can you share your project and tell us a little about your machine so we can make sone suggestions?

Danbury FD

I have an X-Carve and like I said, I am using a 30 degree V-Carve bit, and the rope ring, ladder and words are getting ruined.

As small as the detail is that will be tough to get, what type of wood are you using? Hard Maple might be your friend on this project. I would set as much of it as you can to fill. If I was doing this one I would do that then the center circle I would do a separate piece on my glowforge and attach it. Here are a few I have done the middle pic is the laser.


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