Fine Tune Probe

When I use the Z-Probe from my cnc machine, easel measures everything properly, but later the height is not correct. In Candle I had to enter/change a code (G90G21G38.2Z-50F100 G92 Z14.19 G0Z28) to set the height correctly. Is that also possible with Easel?

In order to change the prove thickness setting you will have to perform a new machine setup and at the page where it has you test the probe there is a button at the bottom labeled “advanced settings” which becomes clickable once you finish the tests above on thst page.

In the advanced settings you can enter a custom probe thickness.
Unfortunately you cannot make changes to this setting without reentering this page. … oh and in the normal operstion of easel I’ve found 4 ways to cause easel to “forget” this custom setting and it will revert back to the default of 14.90mm with no way of the user knowing its gone back, until their carve doesnt work right and they do a bit of troubleshooting.

As a result of this issue with it forgetting the setting, My suggestion is if youre using a probe that is not 14.99mm thick, then use a different program to control the cnc.

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