Fingding the COM

I dont know what this is or where to locate it i am computer challenged i have went to devices and i have no clue what i am suppose to try to find i am ready to run my x carve but i need to set up help help ive fallen and i cant get up lol

If you are following the part of the instructions where you have to install Arduino drivers and go to Device Manager…in my case the part that says “look for an Unknown Device” was the key for me, since nothing showed up under ports. I highlighted the Unknown device entry, then followed the instructions for browsing to the Arduino installation folder and drivers subfolder. Didn’t have to select the ‘arduino.inf’ filename, just defined the folder location, and it got past the driver install.

After that, look at the “ports” heading in the Device manager again. one of them should say Arduino and COMX where ‘X’ is a number.

i got it but i always have to keep entering it

Using a difference USB port can cause the COM port to change. Do you have to enter the COM port every time, even though its the same usb port?

In Easel you mean? Any chance you’ve got cookies turned off or something, so Easel isn’t remembering setting from one session to the next?