Finger Joints

Can X Carve do finger box joints? I make jewelry boxes out of eastern red cedar, it is a much more professional looking product if finger joints are used to assemble. yes it can be done on a jig saw or band saw, but there is the dreaded learning curve

I am sure that it can do this provided you have the correct measurements. It does seem to me that you could set up a jig on a table saw or prefabricated template or even a router bit.

I have used all 3 methods with success in the past and will probably be faster.

I have seen a few guys on here that have done it on the xcarve. They cut a hole in the waste board so the material can hang underneath. Maybe try searching boxs joints you might find something.

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There is the box generator app which does finger joints. Its only problem is that the round bit can’t produce square inside cuts and so there is a bit of finishing required. However, the end mill can produce square cuts if you hang the stock over the side vertically. To see this in action watch this video.