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Finished carve - phone or email notification

It will be nice to have Easel phone app to make projects, see remaining carve time and receive notifications about complete carve. Please


why would you need to be notified of a complete carve, if you are standing next to it to make sure you don’t burn your house down?


I keep xcarve I the garage away from the house. Some detail carves take a few hours so I neap to the house some time

I think it would be nice to be able to kick off a script at the end of the job. I don’t leave my X-Carve unattended but sometimes I don’t notice it’s finished because I’m heads down in another project with ear protection on.

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I don’t leave the X-Carve unattended often, but occasionally I want to fix a CAD model before the next job and step inside to do so. I just setup a webcam on the x-carve machine and watch it while I work on the next job. I can also hear the x-carve from the living room so I can always rush out if I hear something horrible.

I doubt you will ever see this feature… For the plain reason that sure, it could be handy, but it just promotes the wrong thing and it only takes one person to use the feature the wrong way…


Best idea for that is Smoke Alarm hanging on your neck. That wakes you up for sure.


I can help you with that. Make it send you a text or buzz you when its finished.
:slight_smile: PM me and we can discuss how this will work.

After we are done you can post the results for others.

I would use this, I don’t have time to sit there and watch a carve for 2 hours. I start and work on other things. Currently I just start a timer on my phone

I use a program on my 3D printer called MatterControl that sends a text when my print is done.

It will be good to have something like that for our x-carve

What’d you cook up?

I can make a wireless device that can tell you via sound and or flashing light.
Its up to you how you want to be notified.

Can or have?

I can. I have not made one yet. but I have a background in electronics and programming. I have made wireless transmitter for a sign. I could easily set up one for the milling system.

surprised you haven’t yet. I figure it would sell…
race ya…

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hehe I would if all I did was just electronics.
I am also in the process of upgrading my system.
I have to spend a weekend working on such an endeavor.
However I will make one and it will be simple and very cheap. :wink:
Just will not have it overnight. LOL

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yes, race. Lets each come up with a solution, and share the approach so we can each learn from eachother, and the community can benefit from our efforts.

@PhilJohnson, I saw you liked the post. Are you interested in doing a beta for my solution?

Ok what are the parameters?
Is there a specific type to go for?
Like do we want to shoot for a specific distance signaling or are you thinking of something more complicated?

parameter: notify the user when the job is done M30
you’re welcome to interpret that however you’d like. again. this is about exploration and creativity, and letting the community define what’s useful.