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Finished carve - phone or email notification

Got it.
I should have something soon then.

The notification about finished carve can be easily done with non invasive current sensor, connected to esp which can send notification to the phone if sensor is on HIGH.

There is an Adafruit project for current sensor
Then you can use Blynk to show a widget on your phone and tasker to send you notification about changing state

Well I am still going to make my version.
Its not the same and its super simple and cheap.
There is a bonus too. I will revel that after I have it installed and running.


Thoughts on message? How customizable should it be?


As interesting as this thread was, did anyone actually finish this feature or did i miss something?

Id suspect that if you used the code to turn off the router, a rasperry pi running the pbx service could “ring the house” or send a message to alexa/google assist/ jasper/jarvis/ jeepers/creepers/ siri…

you can do it with bCNC. it lets you run task at the start and the end of carving. all you need to do is write python script and activate it. Python script sent email to my saying that carving is completed. IFTTT checked email and sent me a notification on the phone and flashed hue lights, so i knew that job`s done :slight_smile:
I was using it in the past before i installed an IP camera inside the casing with x-carve. now i can watch machining on the phone.

I am in and out of the shop all the time. It won’t burn the house down it won’t destroy itself etc. It would be a nice feature to have for convenience. Load it up with terms so Inventables won’t be liable. I have written some code that has an event trigger on chrome when the pop up shows up. It utilizes outlook to drop a “note to self.” It would be just really nice to have it built-in.

Until it does. Good luck!

At the time of my previous posting I was living elsewhere.
I have moved and had to put a lot of things on hold. including this project.

I keep coming back to this forum hoping for an update. But I finally just came up with one on my own that’s pretty simple but it does require 2 pieces of hardware.
I have the iot relay controlling my router/shop vac. One of the plugs on there turns off while the machine is running. I plugged a smart outlet into that plug. Then I setup an IFTTT command to text me anytime that smart outlet turns on. So once the carve is complete, and the power returns to that specific iot relay outlet, I get notified.


I just got this x-carve I’m a full stacks dev I can definitely make a simple program that detects when the process is done give me a day or so and will update this post :slight_smile:


Just about complete with this running a few more tests should be testable later this afternoon :slight_smile:

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so far so good :slight_smile: a little sneak peek at what I have

Features :

50% Complete Alert
5 min Alert
Completed Alert

Working on the Alert Message output

X-Carve Job Complete

X-Carve Job 5 min Alert

X- Carve Job 50% Completed

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Nice work. I hope that people don’t get lazy and leave the machine alone

was gonna add maybe a timer that will auto-pause the project after a set amount of time of them not confirming they are there 5-15 min maybe for the safe users lol I don’t wanna limit the usage but will throw-in a safety Feature that they can manually turn off at there own risk

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This is great! My idea with the smart switch only kinda works. IFTTT is hit or miss. Works maybe 50% of the time. I’m super excited to see what you come up with.

Few More Edits and bug fixes and should be able to release currently running a live test :slight_smile:

So Features List

Can send To Email/Phone #

1 ) 5 Min Left Alert

  1. 50% Complet Alert

  2. A Reminder to check on your machine Alert ( For those Long Cuts )

  3. Will have a Safty Feature that will have an alert box on the PC every 15 min that you will have to click Continue on or Cut Pauses ( Set by Default but will be able to turn this off at your own Will )

Future things i may add

Google/Alexa Home Notifications

Smart Switch Connections ( Cut Power after a project is complete )
For those that have an extra Security cam ( Have random Pics sent throughout the cut to monitor the cutting



The first 2 ppl that contact me I will allow to beta test later this afternoon :slight_smile: