Finished carve - phone or email notification

I sure that you have a lot of requests to beta test. I’m interested also

dm me with your email i will send you a beta version to test :slight_smile:

I already had the firefighters in the house, because I was stupid enough to let the xcarve run over night. Fortunately just a lot of smoke, the alarm went off, and they arrived.

NEVER EVER leave that beast alone! NEVER! A little mistake, and off it goes. At least never leave the house! That thing is a serious power tool, the opposite of a toy!

I use a switch box that switches on the dust control unit with the router, that also has an inverted outlet, what switches on when the router is off. Connect any siren or bell to it. Easiest way, calls you back.

I also use a camera. Can be connected to the anyway necessary computer, and can be checked always via remote desktop or google remote desktop, there is a phone app that you can check the xcarve from the kitchen or garage.

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I wrote a software that can monitor the screen and if some part changes, it can do different things. It could not send you a text, but email would be doable. You have to leave Easel open on the screen though. Imagine like a monkey would sit there, watching a part of the screen and if it changes, it screeches :slight_smile: