Finished pass not the right depth

I’m new to the forum just got my x carve 1 month ago ,i’ve made a few projects so far with out any problems till today roughed out project went to finish pass .025 not deep enough how do i run finish pass again and lower bit .025 using Z probe i’m a retired machinist just not to familiar with Easel software yet Thanks For Any help in advance Dennis Laff

Just run it again from your same x,y,z position and make the cut .025 deeper. Then adjust the depth per pass to the full depth and it will make 1 pass and save you some time.

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Thanks WayneHall i’ll try it tomorrow Dennis

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I use .03 with a spoil board of course. On my monograms in PVC I typically rerun the entire project at full depth one pass, really cleans up all the edges nicely.

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Thanks WayneHall And SteveMoloney got it done