Finished Window won't come up

After finishing the cut the machine returns to work piece home. However, the “Finished Window” is not coming up anymore. That means the machine is stuck where it’s at, thinking it’s still on the same cut. Clicking the X button does not help. Everything else in the window works fine, except for that. Turning on and off the controller doesn’t help either. I have to close Google Chrome, restart it, go back into Easel, home again, set a new material zero etc. Start the next cut, it finishes, but again the window does not come up. Rebooting did not accomplish anything either. I updated the firmware, that didn’t help. It happened before and after the update. Anyone have any suggestions?
Thanks so much,

Update: I figured out when I refresh the window everything goes back to normal. The next cut works as it’s supposed to. Still, would like to know what’s off with Easel.

How are you generating your gcode?

I use VCarve 9.5 Pro. I was wondering if there’s an update to the program recently. I will need to check on that,

I take it that once the cut is finished a signal is send from the controller to Easel to let it know. However, not sure that would be it since the machine goes to the material home position. But then again, what do I know.