Finishing in color with Ultra Fine Point Sharpie's

I wanted to share this project cut in Oak then coated with one coat of Classic Oak Satin by MINWAX. I let it dry over night and proceeded to color it with the Sharpie’s. Turned out pretty good. Nice and easy to add color this way.

Didn’t have white for the moon so I went with the Harvest Moon look.


Are you using oil or water based Sharpies? I ask because I had some issues with oil based when spraying poly on top.



Not sure, I’ll have to check and get back. I also had some issues with spray poly if spraying too soon on another project. I’ll find out and get back.

Also should mention that this is good for small projects. Don’t think I would try with a large cut.

Edit: I think they are water based. The paint pens could be water or oil base. The ones I used are the Sharpie Permanent Marker.

Nice keep up the great work. :smile:

Thanks Stephen.