Finishing Pass cutting air

So I have apiece of wood that is 11.5" x 9.5" 3/4 inch thick, I have a rough pass that carves a 1/4 inch depression that is 10"x8" deep in the center of this piece and I used a 1 inch bit for a rough cut. Inside that I am using a vcarve bit to cut some lettering that goes inside this lets say it’s 2/4 of an inch down from the surface, while the vhe vbit also squares off and chamfers the edges of the rough cut.

What I find strange is that during the finishing pass it’s spending a TON of time carving letters and spinning over wood that isn’t there. Doesn’t Easel know that the wood was removed in the rough pass? This is a huge waste of time. It’s a 2 hour cut and half of that time is spent cutting nothing except for the edges. Is there a setting I missed somewhere?

No easel does not know that material in the center was removed.
If you want to v carve in a pocket you have to set Z zero on the surface of that pocket as a separate job.

I tried that. The pocket is in the center of the piece, and when it went to cut the lettering it cut a line through the edge on the way to the center as the bit didn’t rise up enough.

You need to change your safety height, that will keep it from carving through the other work. The safety height will revert after each carve.

That’s a fantastic suggestion. I see that in ‘Machine’ → ‘Advanced’ Default is 3.8mm which is about what it would cut a line through.