Finishing pass resets at about 30%

X carve pro, resets at approximately 30% complete through finishing pass. The program reloaded itself, and sent the router back to zero. Thought it was an internet issue, but it did it the exact same twice, even after I resized the image on the second go. What am I doing wrong? Thanks

possibly it’s hitting a limit switch?
Internet connection plays no factor in the carve process btw. So the issue is local to your design/carve/cnc…

This does indicate a memory issue as a likely start point.Take a look at both Task Manager (PC) or Activity Monitor (MAC) to ensure you’re not maxing memory. The fact this is happening on a finishing pass could indicate it’s an issue where intricate toolpaths are maxing out your computer RAM (the fix being to increase depth of pass / bit size or stepover - none are great answers - or to use a PC with more RAM).


Thanks James. Do you (or easel) have a recommendation on how much RAM would be needed? My computer right now at the office is at about 49% memory use, without the mill hooked up.

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Minimum of 16gb, 32 if doing lots of 3D.

Also take a look at what’s running and exit anything you can to get RAM use down before you start your carve. Task Manager is your friend here to tell you what programs are running.

You could also look at creating a separate windows user/profile for carving so that you can log in separately from logging in for email, easel design etc. this may give you a cleaner environment for the carve.

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