Finishing suggestions?

Hey everyone.
I am hoping you can help me with some finishing suggestions.
I just finished my first real carve but I have quite a few fuzzies and a tiny bit of tear out. I was expecting a bit as it is on soft pine and I was using a 90° v bit but thought I would give it a shot. I gave it a coat of sanding sealer a couple of days ago before the carve.
I was going to use a craft knife to pick some of the fuzzies out .
These are the products I have at hand.
Sanding sealer, interior diamond hard varnish,clear gloss polyurethane spray, brush on gloss yacht varnish(polyurethane) and sone furniture paints(black gloss and green
What would you do?
Cheers peeps

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Thanks @RobertCanning. Why don’t you like the gloss? Is it just a personal prefrence or can things go wrong?
Would you paint the tree ?
I have a matt black there in a spray and a set of acrylic paints in the tubes.

Ye, I had watched that a couple of times before. Going to have a play around with it today

I found cheap bamboo cutting boards the other day so thought I’d cut the sign out again as I wasn’t too keen on the pine. I had to change it up a little.
Gave it 3 coats of sanding sealer left it for 2 days and tried painting and wiping off with spirits like in @PhilJohnson s video . It didn’t go as smooth lol maybe I used the wrong paint. I thought it was oil based but just seemed to go all tacky

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I watched the first half with the sound off lol. I actually have the first sign im the post a few coats of polyurethane so I’ll try that one with the spirits and paint later. Chees

Ah,I see . It was actually handy enough.

Well , I just gave the writing a little touch up and a quick sand then gave it a coat of boat varnish and it turned out ok… I’m happy enough with the finish


I don’t want to rain on your parade and that is one beautiful job but in case it’s a gift for someone you might like to know that different is misspelled. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner!!!

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Doh . Only messing ,I know . I twigged it half way through the carve. I done the carve on the other side and went by the size on the label which was 40mm larger than the board actually was and towards the end it started to carve air . I flipped it over and done it again with the new measurements then noticed the spelling. Rather than waste another free easel pro day and after been carving for over two hours I just let it run. I just wanted to practice the finishing.
Well spotted tho lol

I’ve had good luck getting rid of fuzzies with the small wire brush that comes with a car detailing kit., It looks like a giant tooth brush. The brass brush is stiff enough to break off most of the fuzzies on pine without scratching, the stainless brush will do a good job on oak and maple with out scratching. The plastic brush will help you clean your v-wheels Also there are “scotch brite” type abrasive wheels that fit a Dremel tool that can do wonders with a stray tool mark.

Cheers @RichardSpencer. I actually have one of them. I must try that.