What would you do to finish this? Customer wants the rustic look so I’m hesitant to spray with shellac as it gives a bit of a shine to it. Another thing that I’m curious about is what finishing materials might do to the wood itself. I pulled this plank off of my dad’s old pier in Virginia. Pier was destroyed by a hurricane 10-15 years ago and this wood is from the original pier that was built in the '70s. Been baking in the sun and getting washed over with salt water ever since. Gives it a cool appearance but it is SUPER soft and I’m not sure what I can put on it to make it look good. Took this picture while it was still in the roughing pass so don’t mind it’s not being done appearance! IMG_0920.HEIC (2.2 MB)

Shellac on a test piece to see how it would look. I shellac everything

I would do that but I don’t have any extra. I used every bit of the wood.

Carve the rest of the letters.

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Shllac is not recommended for outside use. If it is for inside it works great. Shallac and cold weather do do work good together.

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This is a wedding sign that will eventually hang in the new couples home after their wedding.

Then it should give it a very nice finish. You can put several coats on in a very short time it dries very fast.