Firmware update, now nothing

Was getting ready to do a carve for a customer and had everything set up in easel, ready to carve. Hit the carve button, start home sequence…stops, gives message for checking to make sure nothing is blocking the wheels and so on. Nothing is blocking the wheels, belts are fine, everything appears ok. Try again and it says “new firmware update for your machine” went ahead and downloaded it, everything is fine, finished the download. Start over. Now the xcarve won’t even connect to easel. Unplugged the USB cable a couple times, closed easel, turned power off. Still nothing. When the computer is on, USB is plugged in I can hear the computer recognize something being plugged in, steppers give a few clicks like normal…but the machine won’t connect to easel. Please help!!

You have to use the most recent Easel driver for support for GRBL v1.1. And I believe you’re running Vista and the newest driver doesn’t work on Vista (one of your original problems).

You’ll need to downgrade to GRBL v1.0c for it to work.

Inventables GRBL v1.0c:

Close Easel, load Xloader, chose the HEX file from Inventables, make sure the Device is “Uno (ATmega328)”, the proper COM port is selected and the baud rate is “115200”. You click the upload button, let its do its thing, then once done, reopen Easel and try again.

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I’ll try it out in the morning. I wondered if it wasn’t something to do with me still using vista. Thanks for the advice. I’ll report back after trying what you mentioned.

Also…a new computer got bumped up on the list of things ahead of a new planer and a new jointer.
Specify version please… do you mean 0.3.7 or 0.3.8?

All I’ve seen from Inventables is the “latest” version so I’d assume 0.3.7 since it’s listed as “Current”.

I myself don’t use Easel so I couldn’t tell you.

The issue is your wiring on the limit switches. Or the grbl setting for the switches.
@JeremySimmons can you chime in?

I’d have to see a copy of the iris.stdout log file from the easeldriver to troubleshoot the connectivity. Sounds like there’s a need for a connectivity troubleshooting app…

Justin, thanks!! It’s back to running! Just now got the chance to do the fix you suggested and it worked perfectly. New computer is top of the list!