First 3D Carve, initial thoughts

Did my first 3D carve! Gotta admit that was fun.

I should have chosen a better model (to much detail and I carved it to small, with to big of a bit), but a good learning experience.

A few bits of feedback:

  1. PLEASE ADD A “GENERATING TOOLPATHS” PROMPT AFTER YOU START THE CARVE. LOL! I started my carve and the screen just sat there. I assumed I did something wrong and turned off the router and was about to click the carve button again when it all started moving. I had to quickly turn the router back on before the machine crashed! Lol, lesson learned!

  2. The Padding for an ellipse seems odd… I assume its based on padding around a square, but it’s a bit weird. Not quite sure how to describe the issue.

  3. Need some way to preview how much detail will be lost using a certain size bit.

It all the carve experience was nice and it was easy to jump in!

Next Carve… USA Topo Map… Just gotta find the material I want to use.

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This is important feedback. I’ve added this to the top of our queue to make sure it’s obvious when toolpaths are generating at the end of the walkthrough.

Correct, the padding values are relative to the bounding box of the model. I see you also figured out the trick to use negative padding to get a tighter bounded ellipse. Eventually I’d like to calculate the actual bounding ellipse of the model, however, the math for that is a lot more complex so it uses the simple bounding box version for now.

This is something we’re still actively investigating and designing. Having an accurate preview of the carve similar to 2.5D is one of the next big things for us to tackle.

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