First attempt at carving a photo. Didn't go so well, but good for a laugh!


I’m not sure if you can Carve photos with Easel, but I’m sure you must use Carving bits like 60 or 90 Degrees V-Bit or Engraving bit. What I was watching demo video last nigh about V-Carve Photo, It is kind of 3D work. Head goes up and down constantly. Maybe possible with the Ball nose End mill but, In the reality V-Bits have needle point and angle to cut deeper and shallower if you want to see enough detailed photos on the wood. Let us know your findings. It is good to watch your videos for sure. I’m your follower. Thanks for sharing with us.

Thanks Alan, as you may have noticed, I am a rank armature at this sort of thing and I am just plowing myself through trying to figure it all out. With any luck I will figure it out before too long.

The sharing of your experience, etc. is appreciated.

I think the link to the page you were siting in the video might have been but not sure.

Seeing the converted picture used may be of some interest if you were to video another example.

Some kind of attachable / detachable laser kit might be of interest at some point as well, not just regarding pic engraving in general, but in combination with the carving process too.

It may be worth looking at some different routes for attempting the kind of stuff you are looking at, for the time being.

Best of luck with everything.