First attempt at Sign-making using the X-Carve (2 Colour Plastic is Awesome) - New Youtube Channel

Edit: Video re-uploaded with new branding.

I wanted to finally test out my skills with the X-Carve on something a bit more complicated instead of just basic shapes, having recently found some pretty cool two colour plastic (top layer is blue with inside layers in white), I figured it would be good to try to do some sign-making.

Full project details on my site at:


Yeah absolutely, I tried to do both cuts directly at once in Easel hoping that it may be able to smartly determine the area to be cut. The reason for the part flip half way through was that the X-axis belt broke mid way so I needed a clean datum to work from. Either way it came out well but I did waste quite a bit of time.

Nice project, I’ve been wanting to try some of the two color plastic. Not to be a party pooper but your channel name and logo are so similar to David Pacciuto’s channel and brand “Make Something”.

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Yep, noticed that I chewed up one of the Y-axis belts too. Looks like it was a combination of over tension and the stepper gears not being properly aligned. 5m of replacement belts ordered :slight_smile:

Yep, I’m aware of that and am already in the process of rebranding after a bit of a twitter debate, not trying to tread on anyones toes - especially not David’s, I really enjoy his work and the Making It podcast. I guess when I was setting up, I just drew too much inspiration from him.

New Channel name is Mason Made TV, will have some real branding (logos etc) over the weekend instead of the temporary one I quickly made. I can’t really change the existing videos without starting from scratch which I’m not keen on doing as I no longer have the source footage - I guess I could change the thumbnails at least. As such, all new videos will have the new branding and I have already changed most of the website, twitter and youtube (channel).

Branding issue solved, video updated.

Here is another place to find some really cool plastic (blank pick guard stock). I will be ordering lots of this just as soon as my machine gets built…

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Hey man! I hope the comment I made about the similarities to the other channel didn’t come across as harsh or anything. The new logo and name is awesome!


Didn’t take it that way at all. Thanks a lot, very happy indeed - made by a good friend of mine