First big test run

Italian Air Force Logo. Some minor issues but software related. Tested on MDF. It’s 24"x24" and it took about 6 hours at 75 per min. Used a 60 degree vbit.


Nice piece. did you not use a roughing pass? 6 hours for that seams crazy long.

you probably could have cut your carve time down to about a third of that if you had run a two stage carve and used a clearance bit to clean out the large pockets. What software are you using to generate the tool paths?

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Based on the size if you had done it in 3 stages being very conscientious not to move the carriage you could have done it all in an hour.
I would would start with checking your DOC. That’s one of the main factors in time. Then two stage, check the times and coverage with bits of different sizes. Then check your v bit angle and see if a 60 is needed. A 90 will do certain designs (shallower and wider) faster than a 60 (deeper and narrower so more passes)
Also on “3D” carves like v- carves your max z (plunge) speed matters so either speed it up slightly or check your machine settings and adjust a little bit.

Btw. Super cool carve. :sunglasses: Keep it up, hope our hints aren’t dissuasive to you we only wish you best. :+1:t2: