First carve after setup

Design by my daughter. 3/8" baltic birch, 1/8" rough, 1/32" detail. I think it turned out rather nice.


Kinda satisfying isn’t it? :grinning:

I’ve seen threads where colored ‘resins’ are used as filler, then sanded flat to match the top level so that it looks like an inlay piece. Are those colored resins just colored epoxy or something else?

Colored epoxy, you can use food colouring to add colour (or sparkle!) to it.

Hmmm…thinking out loud a bit.

If I ‘overfill’ a carve with epoxy. Instead of sanding it off, since epoxy is very hard to sand, couldn’t I just use a surfacing bit over the entire carve top surface to flatten all of the epoxy and a very tiny top layer of wood to bring everything to the same level? Essentially just surfacing my carving I suppose.

Ha! Leaving work early headed to HD for some epoxy! 6.3 seconds sounds a lot better than a new 6.3 minute carve. :wink:

Have you had luck with any particular scraper? I got my xcontroller last week and have had success with several cuts. I would like to attempt a resin inlay, but it sounds like a scraper type tool would be needed. Thanks for any thoughts or suggestions!

Thanks for the info, Im planning on ordering some of the Bondo brand resin ythat was referenced earlier in the thread. I appreciate the tips, not sure how great the first couple pours will go but I’m glad to hear that sanding works pretty well. Thanks for the info! Sounds like food coloring works ok to tint the resin, is that right?

If you get the two part epoxy you might want to get the longer curing type. The five minute might set too fast if you’re working and filling a large area. I know Hobby Lobby stocks both types.