First Carve - cutting speaker boxes

Howdy All!

I bought my X-carve 1000mm new-in-the-box from a friend. I built a folding stand using the plans from Carmichael Workshop:

Those plans are great!

I then added a dust boot and plumbed it into by vac system, and started my first carve, a set of speaker box panels suitable for biscuit joining:

The precision is amazing. Just a bit of sanding and I can glue it up!


Nice setup and first carve!

Great job!

Very nice work ! Don’t forget to put your initials on there somewhere !

Glue up beginning. I’m using my biscuit joiner to hold it together.

Gluing on the back with the wire lugs in place:

Installing the crossover:

I’m using 12"x12" acoustic eggfoam panels as dampening. I adhered them in with some spray on adhesive which worked surprisingly well.

Gluing on the front. The tweeter goes in the little inset. The hols at the bottom are for the wires.

Speaker drivers installed. The ports tubes I’m using are slightly bigger than the 4" holes I cut, so I have to widen them slightly before I can install the port tubes.

The complete set. The one on the left was just about to get the ports installed when I took this.

They are both finished and sound pretty damn nice considering this was mostly a project to teach myself to use the X-carve. I’m not sure how long they will stay, if I fall in love with them I’ll probably veneer them and oil finish the veneer. Until then, I’m going to enjoy how awesome they are.