First carve failure

I’ve looked through the forums and can’t find this specifically, so sorry if it’s been covered. Everything seems to run fine, but the my first test carve not so much. I used only Easel and created a simple 2 word text carve about an 1/8" cut using the included fonts. I used a scrap piece of wood, probably pine, about 18" x 3.5" x .5" .Locked it down, zeroed the x-carve about 1" from the corner. The dimensions I used in Easel were 15" instead of 18" just to try and keep the bit away from the clamps.

I hit carve and it started the job as planned. Carved the first word perfectly, but when it went to space over for the second word the z/x-axis shot all the way to right slamming into the makerslide… Cutting through one of my clamps I was trying to protect, by the way.

So, any ideas what would cause that and how to make it act right?

Nothing looks out of place by selecting all. And when I click on show toolpaths the only thing in red is around the text. Nothing shooting off the work area.

Also, would it matter if I created the project on one computer and executed it on other? Doesn’t seem like it would be an issue since the machine is homed on the second one.