First carve issues

Hi, I finished assembly recently and am troubleshooting some last issues.

  1. When I open easel and hit homing sequence the router goes up the z axis and doesn’t stop.

  2. It also seems all my axis movements are not moving smoothly. I think they are bound up in places, what is the best method to get these right?

  3. Last, I was told maybe the z axis needs the motor power adjusted as they are struggling to move the router up, how do I do this?

Congrats, welcome to the cool club! :smile: Here’s some possible help:

  1. Did you verify the z-axis homing switch is normally open and closes? If so, is the spindle mount fully pressing the switch enough to close the contact?

2 and 3) It takes a little adjustment of the belts, V-wheels, and stepper motor potentiometers to get it dialed in and get smooth operation. When something is preventing smooth movement (such as tight V-wheels), it leads to what we’ve called “lost steps”. Here’s two good forum threads you can use to help get the V-wheels, belt, and potentiometers dialed in. The second has a video I made that shows how to adjust the potentiometers to boost power to the steppers: