First Carve, My text is messed up. What am I doing wrong?

IMG_7779.HEIC (1.4 MB)

I don’t know what’s wrong for the second half of the name. For the first half…I forgot to plug in the right stepper motor. I used the soft maple material for poplar wood. There seems to not be pine or poplar or many woods in the pro section of easel, so I hoped that would be close enough. Is this a speeds and feeds issue, or is there something I am missing? This is my first cut, so I don’t really know where to go from here.

Are you thinking about the “dog bones” of the letter corners?
I guess your V-bit ride a little too deep because no V-bit have an infinite point, its “flat” to some degree.
If you zero of the top of the surface Easel calculate the carve depth with “infinite” in mind but there is also the height loss due to the flat spot.

Also, most materials are not uniform in thickness and variations do occur.

I don’t think it’s too deep, just loose. Check your Z-axis for rigidity. There’s way too much slop in those letters.

I was talking about those bones. It’s supposed to be square. But if I understand you, I am just cutting too deep for the v-bit. (1/8") I suppose I should change the bit to a straight shank and see if I still have the issue? I used a z-probe for zeroing the surface.

I tightened the V wheels (using the eccentric spacers) and tightened all bolts on the z axis. I’m about to try another test cut. There was no slop with the plate, but if I grab the top of the router and pushed left to right I had some…movement. Thank you.

IMG_3712-preview.HEIC (1.5 MB)

I think those two suggestions fixed my problem. Thank you folks.

Look much better, but still very deep.