First Carve semi Failure

Sorry no picture but I was making a sign in MDF 3/4 inch and using a 1/4" 90 deg V bit. Right off the bat it lost its line on the bottom X axis. I used Vcarve Pro to do the project and I’m hoping my feed rate of 100 and plunge of 30 might have been the issue. My belts are tight with heat shrink tubing so I don’t think slipping was a issue. It looked like the bit was chattering on the passes. The sign had an outline with indented curved corners and I never made it past that. Gcode was generated with the Vcarve from Inventables PP and sent to UGS.

Any Ideas without looking at a picture? still have to figure how to do that.

What spindle are you using? From my experience, 100ipm for the stock spindle is pretty fast.

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I too am curious about the spindle. I use VCarve Pro with the DW611 and 100 in/min is very doable in MDF. With the stock spindle I was never very successful in doing V Carving.

If there is enough pressure, even with tight belts the teeth on the stepper motor can skip, once that happens you are done as the program is now off by the number of missed steps.


the stock spindle with the 1000mm Xcarve, its not the 24v one.

I’d definitely slow down that feed rate. I haven’t done any v-carving, but with a 1/8" single flute end mill my typical settings are depth of cut-0.04in feed rate 35-40ipm in MDF

I’ve been having good luck in MDF with a .030 - .050 depth of cut and ~50ipm with a 60-degree V-bit for V-carving.

This was done with those settings. For scale, it’s just a tad over 8" tall, sitting propped up against the X-axis gantry in the photo.


That rose is extremely well “colored” (for lack of better word). Looks like a tattoo actually

OK went back to my cut job and deleted the trim vectors around the board and went straight to the scrip text. I did a feed rate of 50 in/min and plunge rate of 30 in/min and noticed a big difference. It didn’t seem like the spindle was bouncing around except for something interesting I noticed. The Z axis acme rod bearing has some play in it and I could see the bearing and nut moving up and down maybe by a 1/16 inch or so when it should have been carving deeper.

Now to learn how to post a picture.

It really depends on how deep the cut with the vbit was. There is a huge difference between cutting 1 groove a half inch deep vs 1/16 inch deep. 100 ipm is would be fine for a shallow cut but for the deep cut 20 ipm would be closer to what the spindle could handle.

Thanks! That’s my wife’s doing, she’s really into painting stuff. :smile: