First carve started in wrong location

First carve started in wrong location. Started at the bottom of xy axis but when it cut it appeared to be mirrored and reversed. The x axis tried to go past front of machine instead of working toward the back

What machine?
What software/sender?

X carve 1000x1000

When you jog the machine using the jog buttons in Easel, does the machine move in the direction you told it to?

Can you share your Easel project with us? File > Share > Shared with link > Save, then padre the link in here.

Sounds like the X-stepper is moving in the opposite direction vs intended.
You either change direction is software (GRBL), running machine setup again and test/verify X-direction (which alter the GRBL settings for that axis) or swap one of the motor wire pairs around (I dont have the colors as I dont have an Xcarve).

Thanks I will try that. I was thinking that might be the issue.