First carving. router nose dive

Started off pretty good then, All of a sudden the router took a dive.

Laptop running win 7 and meets system requirements according to threads I have read on here. Anyone have any ideas to prevent this from happening again? Is it windows 7? The driver did not want to install in the beginning, it would stall at verifying installation. Installed ftdi driver and started easel and everything appeared to working fine. All movement good all stops good and was able to home it out. Not sure what to check at this point.

Do you have the gcode-file ?
If the machine was told to go nose diving its in the code.
(perhaps a G28 command somewhere in the header)

If it isnt in the code, its mechanical or eletrical.

  • Check and double check the wiring on Z stepper, if one connection is faulty/poor the stepper will work as intended but direction will be random.
  • Check that the router dont crash into anything up high on Z-assembly, if it does it may go progressively lower.

No gcode. Was done entirely in easel. In fact, it is the first sample file when you first log into easel. Went through all the wiring real good and no crashing on the z assy.

I am going check the wiring again but really everything is pretty solid. I was wondering if this may be caused by the controller not getting feed from the computer fast enough or a bad setup or driver.

Quite unlikely.

When you carve from Easel it is streaming machine code (gcode) and you can export the file as gcode.
But if it is the “Hello…” test file it isnt in the gcode.

Measure the 4 wires (Z-stepper) for continuity.

Just noticed this is an I3-2350M processor.


Gcode is .nc

Intro to (17.3 KB)
Intro to (219.4 KB)