First Completed X-Carve Project - Mail Truck Bank

So finally finished my first project with my new X-Carve 750. Lots of practice projects but this one is the first to complete.

90% of the parts are cut using the X-Carve
100% done in Easel
Learned a lot about sizing and dimension and paying attention to details

The plans for this came from Rockler
The PO Box doors I bought at auction 20 yrs ago.

While the cuts are not exotic they do require precision so that the entire bank fit together with minimal adjustments.


That door is very cool!

That is AWESOME!

I love the 3D devices.

Well done!!! Love the PO Box door, that really makes the project.

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Great project. This is something along the lines of what I will be doing with my XC. My Grandfather used to make toy cars for the family. I am planning on taking up the mantel of family toybuilder and bringing his work in to the now using the XC to replicated his plans and my own.


We love seeing projects like this: 100% designed in Easel! Easel is a really powerful tool, and complex projects like this highlight its capabilities. Way to go!

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Awesome I hope to purchase an x-carve in the near future and look forward to making exciting projects

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X carve project can be done through the PLC but it gets lengthy so dell printer error 016-302 helped me to et overcome from this.

Agreed! Those doors are so cool We have a few kicking around the shop, but none have been used for anything this awesome!